Our mission

We are CZ Alive. With us, it's all about Jesus. We want people to know Jesus in all the ways that He can be known. Through His sacrifice on the cross, Jesus Christ became our Savior. He is our Sanctifier and heals us in body, soul, and spirit. He is our coming King and we are building God's Kingdom on earth. To the glory of God and in dependence on Him. That's what we're going for with CZ Alive, seeing nations dedicated to King Jesus!
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Serve the Lord enthusiastically

In Romans 12 verse 11 Paul writes the following; "Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically." Whether it is about discipleship, education, or using your gifts and talents for God's Kingdom, let yourself be inspired by God's Spirit and Word. In this way, you maintain the enthusiasm to serve and reach others with the love of Jesus. CZ Alive. prays and believes that this works through in all its ministries. Not so that it becomes a great and meaningful organization, but so that Jesus is exalted in all that it does. Together with CAMA missions, we reach out to those who have never heard of Jesus. With the aim of making Jesus visible where He is not seen. In this way, we give people the chance of a new life in Him.


The initiators of CZ Alive. are Robbert and Rianne Sinon. A former police officer and art teacher, who have completely devoted their life to Jesus. After graduating from Bible College in the Netherlands in 2020, they started missionary work in the Czech Republic. With an immense passion for God and the work of the Holy Spirit, they believe in a revival of a new generation of Christians who share their lives, while being focused on Jesus Christ.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to info@czalive.com or ask your question via one of the CZ ALIVE. socials.